Your home should be your sanctuary and a reflection of how you feel. I am delighted to be offering you expertly crafted global goods and textiles for the modern home with textiles from around the world that will enhance any home and that will, I hope, bring you peace.

I believe we, as people, are inspired by the experiences (good or bad) that shape us most.  For me, losing two children at birth completely changed the trajectory of my life and is the ashes from which I rose.  I was 28 years old when I lost my firstborn shortly following his delivery after a completely healthy full-term pregnancy in 2011.  My grief, which to this day remains difficult to articulate, was all-encompassing and a crater that turned my world upside down.  Yet, the one constant in my life that I clung to ferociously was hope.  Hope for a brighter tomorrow of new days filled with new blessings.  Those blessings would soon arrive in the birth of a healthy son and daughter who were, thankfully, wildly alive and in need of a fully present mother who could be strong enough to raise equally brave and capable little humans.  I made a promise to myself that I would not make my loss theirs.  I needed to find happiness again even if a part of me would always remain broken.  And I did find it in the laughter of my children, which would help bring me back to life.

Fast forward to 2016.  I was the mom of two young children ages two and four.  Joy had finally found its way back.  Just when I began to get used to this new and more promising direction, my husband and I were thrilled to learn we were expecting our fourth child.  As the pregnancy progressed normally, this excitement would be short-lived.  In May 2017 I would go on to deliver a stillborn at 35 weeks.  Loss.  Again.  I was a bereaved mother twice over.  I found myself 34 years old, the mother of four children yet parenting only two.  I had delivered four children in less than six years and I was forced to pick up the pieces and rebuild yet again.  It is an experience I wish upon no one yet it has provided me with a certain clarity that has given me the freedom to chase my dreams so fiercely.  My awareness of the fragility of life has given me profound insight.  Launching Hudson and Harper Textiles and Design is my labor of love.  And I consider this to be my fifth child.

I wake up every day with a grateful heart.  Life takes unexpected turns and the best we can do is hold on and keep going.  Even when we think we can’t.  It’s not the road I’d envisioned traveling but it’s the hand I’ve been dealt.  My long and arduous journey through loss has taken me on a path of self-discovery and has certainly been the catalyst for inspiring a new direction.  I try my best to “be here now.”  I have two living children both of whom fill my life with immense purpose and immeasurable joy.  And I cling to that.  But this company is the namesake of the children I have lost and they will continue to live on, always, in the happiness, I hope these products bring into your home.



Global Goods and Textiles for the Modern Home