I have always loved design and am constantly inspired by the beauty I see before me.  An old upholstered chair or a vintage cabinet is full of stories of years past.  I  mlove learning the artifact’s unique history.  Texture is such an important element to mood. It enhances our visual experience and can create such a feeling of comfort. The way a throw blanket feels against your skin curled up on a couch while reading a good book, the touch or smell of a baby’s skin or the feeling one gets from running their hand through the soft fur of a beloved family pet; our sensory experiences are vital to how we think, feel and process our world.

While my background is in counseling and journalism, I have been “product styling” my home for years, collecting items that bring me a sense of peace and contentment.  Interior design and art has always been a great passion and is a continuing love affair.  I consider my design sense eclectic and incorporate elements of mid-century modern, Scandinavian, modern farmhouse and bohemian styles into how I decorate.  I do not follow a one-size fits all model.  My rule book is look good, feel good, do good.  And most importantly, be you!  I believe a person’s home style should reflect the vibe they wish to put out into the world.  Accessorizing with pillows and throws, styling shelves and creating unique vignettes are a few of the most personal ways to do that.

These vintage, new, and re-purposed textiles are organic, earthy and natural, suiting the tastes of the modern bohemian as equally as the hipster with a flair for clean lines and bold geometric patterns.  Really, they appeal to the home of any modern or eclectic décor style.  The beauty of these fabrics is that they are unique yet timeless and neutral making them able to blend with all different tastes and design styles.

The last seven years have been the most reflective, purposeful and life-altering I have ever known.  My acute experiences with loss and grief have asked me to reexamine my purpose and this has enabled me to find a new direction.  It is a perspective that has allowed me to forge full steam ahead in pursuing projects that inspire me.  I hope these products give you as much joy to receive them as I have had in sourcing these beautiful fabrics from around the world.

With Love and Gratitude,