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We hope you’re all staying safe and healthy!

Shop our collection of hand spun and woven face masks as well as our FDA Registered face masks.

With the shift in the market we have teamed up with one of our clients who is manufacturing and selling (in bulk) FDA Registered Masks to assist with your PPE needs. 

With businesses preparing to reopen, we envision a required masked workplace is in our future for an unforeseen period of time.

We have 2 types of FDA Registered masks currently being produced.  

  • KN95 Disposable Mask
  • 3ply Surgical/Disposable Mask

And one washable cotton/poly/mesh customizable option:

  • Reusable/Washable Cloth Mask (Can be in any color and can embroider company logo to these masks) 

Our client can accommodate orders for a minimum of 100 masks into the Millions at Low Cost Pricing and immediate production and delivery (7-10 days if needed). 

Please email us at if you would like to learn more about these products, expanded pricing and timeframes for shipping.