Our vision is to offer diverse Bohemian Home Decorative Accessories and Pillows that define your taste and personality. We intend to achieve this by offering a classy range of Modern Bohemian Home Décor and varied Accessories for people with an eclectic design sense.  Our vision is also to source and sell global goods and beautiful textiles for the modern home while preserving the handmade craft and cultural heritage of the artisans in the communities from which these products originate.

About Us:

Hudson and Harper is a home to Global Home Collection and Modern Bohemian Decorative Accessories which are either 100% certified organic or are eco-friendly with minimal chemicals used. It is for people with a high sense of taste along with an even higher sense of self. It is for those who aspire for a perfect blend of classy and luxurious home décor and accessories which are good for the environment.

Hudson and Harper offer a complete range of free-spirited Global Home Collection and Modern Bohemian Decorative Accessories that also supports the artisans in the communities where they originate and are handcrafted from. Our focus is always on delivering products which are close to nature and our designs are predominantly inspired by the Bohemian lifestyle and culture.

Hudson and Harper bring the best of designs in pillows like the hand-printed Hmong Batik that brings a touch of fun and a different charm to the décor. The quality and craftsmanship of our every product are at the heart of every package we send out.  We take quality control very seriously to ensure that you receive a beautiful item that has been thoroughly reviewed.

The colors of our products are rich and striking yet compliment any neutral décor. All of our fabric is global sourced and handmade artisan textiles.  These beautiful fabrics are then sewn lovingly into pillows by yours truly in the USA.

Come and check the bespoke designs in vibrant hues that suit your style and taste. We deliver products on time and take utmost care while packing the product so that you will get what you have ordered for.