Front: This pillow is handcrafted from African Mud Cloth

Back: 100% Organic cotton

Origin: Mali, Africa

Invisible Zipper Closure, Serged Edges

Color: Blue, White



Introducing Zane:  Zane means "well-born and noble" and with this vintage mud cloth's rich history we'd like to think he belonged to someone very esteemed.  Zane is extremely soft and worn, like a great pair of old jeans.  He has a distressed look and is beautifully bohemian.  This handsome fellow would make any room pop.

Due to the process of hand dying this material, each pillow covering is different and no two pillows are exactly alike. The hand stitched seams and sewn together pieces enhance the uniqueness of these beautiful fabrics adding to their character and charm. Each pillow cover has flaws and is considered part of the story the fabric tells. These are not considered defects but rather part of their personality. Please review pictures thoroughly.

Mud cloth is an African textile that originated from Mali, Africa located in West Africa.  Each piece is unique in color and design as it is handmade using fermented mud in an incredibly in-depth and time consuming process.  Each pattern on every piece of mud cloth has its own story to tell. The symbols can represent everything from personal messages, historical events, social status or proverbs.  Traditionally, the men weave the cloth and the women dye it.  Once the strips of woven cloth are hand sewn together, the women begin a lengthy dyeing cycle using a technique that has been in existence dating back to the 12th century.

The quality and craftsmanship of our products are at the heart of every package we send out.  We take quality control very seriously to ensure that you receive a beautiful item that has been throughly reviewed.  Any holes or loose seems have been repaired by hand on a case by case basis so as to not compromise the integrity and authenticity of this handmade textile.


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